CHIIDA Spa Goes Europe

paris event 2009

paris event 2009

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CHIIDA Spa will open up new markets that your usual business program may normally not be able to attract, which gives you an additional monetary flow. Last but not least, CHIIDA Spa is currently setting up a strong professional team in Europe (Zurich Office) in order to meet our clients home based in EUROPE…

CHIIDA team is looking forward to completing a success-oriented common business goal with YOU.

Beyon Beauty Paris

Autumn’s major beauty event. The 360° European event on beauty and wellness. 13,14,15,16 September 2009. 
Paris – Porte de Versailles

CHIIDA Spa Europe as an exhibitor at the European Spa Exhibition & Summit (13- 15 September 2009)

CHIIDA Booth |  Event Site Plan

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